board of director

The Board of Directors:

Mr. Accountant / Mohsen Zaher Asitas Chairman and Managing Director
Mr. Accountant / Desouky Ibrahim Ibrahim, a member of the Board of Directors
Mr. Accountant / Adel Saeed Hasan, Managing Director of Commercial Affairs and branches
Mr. Accountant / Hassan Yusuf Jibril, a member of the Board of Directors elected
Prof. / Yusuf Mohamed Riad member of the Board of Directors elected

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• be happy to offer our customers a golden investment opportunity.

- For those who wish to invest.

- Invest with us in areas that best suit your needs : (Commercial - industrial - agricultural - WMQuaolaat ................).

The Nile Company for consumer complexes:

Egyptian joint stock company, an affiliate of the Holding Company for Food Industries of the Ministry of Anathematizes company under resolution No.) (date) (then transformed into a holding company under Law No. 203 of 1991 and its capital is owned by the Holding Company.